A Week of Kindness: From The Desk O…

As we conclude Random Acts of Kindness Week here at Springboard, I am happy to share that our “Springboarders” absolutely loved having a kindness theme in their programs this week. (As they did last week and will again next week!)

While we all enjoyed devoting an entire week to empathy and goodwill, it caused us to pause and remind ourselves that a special week is not needed for our teachers to observe and display these “acts of kindness” occurring in our programs – simply because these random acts happen every day at each of our schools. 

One of Springboard’s core values is the development of social emotional skills in our programs. This includes working in teams, showing empathy, and demonstrating kindness to others; all of which are embedded in the 6000 lessons our teachers have access to each day.  I am consistently impressed with the work our educators do to not only help develop the students in our programs academically  – but also the ways in which they teach our students to become better citizens.

I hope everyone had a great Random Act of Kindness Week!  If you haven’t already, please check out our blog posts from earlier in the week:

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