2018 Afterschool Professionals Appr…

Post by Michael T. Fay, Chief Operating Officer (pictured with Springboard students)

A large part of my role as Chief Operating Officer is visiting our sites across the country and I am always amazed to see the dedication and passion of our Springboard Educators.  From leading a lesson with great excitement to sharing a fun story with a child’s family, I feel very fortunate to lead a field team of such talented professionals.

This past week (April 23) was Afterschool Professional Appreciation Week.  We created different events each day for families and children to recognize our team.  In one of the activities we asked families to share their experience with their child’s favorite Springboard teacher.  We received an overwhelming number of responses! It was inspiring to read such positive comments on how much families appreciate the work of our staff.

 “I really appreciate the support Springboard shows my boys. This is their 2nd year in Springboard and they love it. I believe it’s a great way to have kids participate in different activities and have some down time with their friends after school. GREAT JOB TO ALL STAFF AND TEACHERS WHO HELP WITH SPRINGBOARD.”

~Parent at Brent Elementary in DC

Messages like this one remind me why I have such a great job and the positive impact we can all have on a child. I am proud of the work our team is doing to support the thousands of families and students who attend Springboard each day.  Job well done!