Why Extended Day?

At Springboard, we’re always thinking about ways our afterschool programs can help support families like yours. In a 2012 study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison called “Viewing After-School Programs Through the Family Impact Lens”, the benefits of afterschool care are explored.

The UWM study found several benefits of afterschool programs for the families they serve including:

  • Build students’ self-esteem and academic confidence.
  • Help students become better community members.
  • Create networks for parents.
  • Take the guesswork out of your child’s care, which means you can focus on a job that supports your family!

My son and I are absolutely thrilled with Springboard. He has done so much better in school with the extra help he receives on his homework each night. It used to be a battle to do homework or any extra school work at night...Now that he does it all at Springboard with their help, he understands the work. He is very excited and happy to go to Springboard each day.

– Cheryl L., Elementary Parent

Why Choose Springboard?

Research is clear: Parents want high-quality extended-day programs that improve academic achievement!

Springboard Education in America offers a truly balanced approach to extended day learning and is light years beyond traditional after-school models. We are committed to promoting the academic and social-emotional well-being of your child. Our program is designed to be fun, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and fitness as well as targeted homework support. This approach ensures a child who attends Springboard on a regular basis will likely demonstrate stronger school skills during the day.

How Springboard Differs From Other Extended-Day Providers:

  • Programs on-site at children’s school for convenience and safety.
  • Guided homework support from licensed teachers.
  • Fun, research-based activities that make the best of afterschool time.
  • Curriculum designed to help your child do better in school.
  • Frequent communication between the Springboard team, families, and teachers.
  • Various scheduling and payment options to fit our families’ schedules.

From the blog…

Community-Based Enrichment

At Springboard we recognize the importance of integrating fun with academics. As a parent, you should know nurturing your child’s intellectual growth and self-esteem are our primary goals — everyday. Also, we make sure your child’s interests and passions are nurtured through integrated lessons that focus on the whole child. At select locations we offer elective enrichment activities in addition to our extended day programs. Our activities are taught by community experts and cover a variety of topics including STEM, sports, and the arts. These programs are designed to be fun, with a focus on building skills that enrich children’s lives.

The objective of our enrichment programs is to provide fun, quality extracurricular activities that build children’s social and emotional well-being. Our enrichment programs focus on a variety of subjects including STEM, sports and art. Experiences in these areas can lead to more well-rounded individuals.

Enrichment activities are offered several times per year at select schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Visit our Parent Portal at http://parent.springboardkids.com

2. Select: “New Customers Open Account”

3. Select:  A. Regular Schedule or B. Flex Registration to continue

4. Read through registration instructions, then click Continue to Register

5. Follow instructions on the screen to fill out your information and complete your application

6. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email notification

See our Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions of the Parent Portal.

If you need assistance with enrollment, please contact our Customer Care team at (800)341-3177.  Bilingual assistance is available.

The Regular Schedule Program allows families to select a fixed schedule of one to five days per week, while the Flex Schedule Program provides the flexibility to schedule individual days based on your family’s needs.

The Regular Schedule Program is the most cost-effective option.  The rates for Flex Schedule Program are slightly higher.

We accept the following forms of payment: credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), and eCheck.  All payments must be made through our Parent Portal.  Our field staff cannot accept cash payments on site.  Please call our Customer Care team at (800)341-3177 if you need assistance.

Self-pay weekly and monthly payments can be split between 2 payment methods.  AutoPay payments must be charged to one payment method only (credit/debit card or eCheck).

Yes. You may enroll your child in either Full Time or Regular Part Time, depending on your needs.  Our Full Time activity is the best option if your child will attend Springboard every day.  Regular Part Time will allow you to select the number of days needed.  Your child must be enrolled in the same days each week.  Payments are due every Monday for both options.  You may choose to be charged automatically, or to call in/pay online each week.  If you enroll in Autopay, you will receive a 3% discount.

No, all AutoPay payments will be processed each Monday (for the weekly option) and the first Monday of every month (for the monthly option).

If you account has an outstanding balance of $25 or more, your account will be assessed a $5 late fee on Thursday of each week.

If your eCheck payment is declined, your account will be assessed a $35 decline fee.

The Springboard late fee is $1 per minute per child and will be charged within 24 hours of the late pick up.

Yes, depending on what is available at your location, we do accept child care vouchers. Please contact Springboard at (800) 341-3177 to verify your school’s participation in the program.

Yes.  Each child after the first will receive a 10% discount for all scheduling options so long as they are scheduled in advance.  The sibling discount will not be applied to the drop-in rate.

Please be advised that discounts cannot be combined.  If your family is eligible for multiple discounts, you will receive only the largest discount. (This does not include the Autopay discount, which will be applied to your total even if you have another discount in place)

If your child is enrolled in our Flex Program, you may change or cancel any future session with 24 hours’ notice.

If your child is enrolled in our Regular Program, absences are not refundable.

If your child is enrolled Full Time or Regular Part Time and you are paying monthly, you will not be able to cancel individual days.  If you would like to change or cancel your child’s enrollment from this plan, you must notify our office by phone or in writing by Thursday at 1:00pm before your next month’s payment is billed.

If you are scheduling using our Flex Schedule Program, you may schedule your child online up  until 11:59pm EST the Sunday before each week begins.  After that, the Parent Portal will close enrollment for that week and you will need to contact our Customer Care team at (800)341-3177 to schedule your child for the upcoming week.

While we do encourage families to schedule in advance, as we schedule staff to fit the daily needs of the program, same-day scheduling is permiited with some restrictions.

1. Some of our locations do not permit same-day scheduling or drop-ins due to state licensing restrictions.  Please check with your Area Director or our Customer Care Team if you are unsure.

2. If you need same-day scheduling for After School Activities, you must call our office before 12:00pm local time to complete scheduling for that afternoon.

3. If you miss the Sunday deadline to schedule for the upcoming week, you must call our office before 4:30pm local time to schedule your child for a Before School Activity the next day.

4. Any students enrolled after these times will be charged an additional drop-in fee (the Daily Flex rate plus a $7 drop-in fee).

Please be advised that if your child drops in to our program without being scheduled, your account will be billed for that session at our drop-in rate.

No. All children who attend Springboard MUST be registered in our Parent Portal in order to attend our program.  All state required documentation must be submitted to our on-site Springboard staff prior to your child’s first day with Springboard. The information you submit gives our Site Coordinator critical health, emergency and contact information.

Springboard will connect with the main office on absences. However, if your child’s plans change, and they are headed elsewhere after school, please notify the Site Coordinator beforehand. Otherwise, the Site Coordinator will call all contact numbers until they reach an actual person.

No.  If your child will not attend Springboard for a session that you have already scheduled, you must provide at least 24 hours’ notice in order to cancel and receive a Springboard credit (only for enrollment in the Flex Program).  We do not provide credits or refunds for missed sessions or same-day cancellations.

If our program is closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control, your account will be automatically credited for that day.  Any account credit you receive will be applied automatically to your next transaction.

Please call our Customer Care team at (800) 341-3177 to discuss account options.

Springboard is only open if the school facilities are open. When the school is closed for holidays or snow days, Springboard will also be closed. Please check our website for delays or early closings.

When you enroll your child in our Parent Portal, you can access important health forms that the state and our Site Coordinators require. Should your child require emergency or daily medication, please provide prescription information to the Site Coordinator and fill out the medication consent form before your child attends the program.

Springboard Cuenta con especialistas de atención al cliente bilingüe disponible para nuestras familias de habla hispana. Por favor llame al (800) 341-3177 extensión 106 o 111. También puede solicitar un representante de contabilidad bilingüe.
Springboard has bilingual Customer Care specialists available for our Spanish speaking families. Please call (800) 341-3177 extension 106 or 111. You may also request a bilingual accounting representative.

Springboard Cuenta con especialistas de atención al cliente bilingüe disponible para nuestras familias de habla hispana. Por favor llame al (800) 341-3177 extensión 106. También puede solicitar un representante de contabilidad bilingüe.


Springboard has bilingual Customer Care Specialists available for our Spanish-speaking families. Please call (800) 341-3177, extension 106. You may also request a bilingual accounting representative.